Always focus on just one person when using social media

One of the biggest mistakes that people make on social media (whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram makes no difference at all) is that they try to communicate to all of their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or Instagram followers instead of treating each and every upload like it is going out to a single friend.

InstagramYes, you are using a tool designed specifically to help you communicate with hundreds of millions of people all over the globe at the exact same time with nothing more than a couple of quick keystrokes and a click of a mouse button – but that doesn’t mean that your Instagram followers want to be treated like one OF 1 million.

Instead, they want to be treated like one IN 1 million.

It’s a difference of a single word, but it makes all the difference in the world when you’re talking about building a business and brand on social media. Even if (and may be especially if) you buy Instagram followers in bulk to build your account in a hurry, you’re still going to want to treat each and every single one of them as in individual and create messages that could be interpreted as messages sent directly from you to them – even if it’s still broadcast out to the masses.